Supportive Teams, Safe Schools: How to Create a Supportive Team Environment for All

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Supportive Teams, Safe Schools: How to Create a Supportive Team Environment for All

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This course satisfies the Safety, Support & Wellness requirement for the School Culture Advocate Certification. Learn more at

Course Description: Sport is not just about who can run the fastest, tackle the hardest, or jump the highest. Sport allows all students to learn the affects physical activity and accomplishment through that can apply to all of academia. No matter how great or small, accomplishment and achievement create a greater sense of positive self-esteem. In the United States, one third, 32.5% (2011 GLSEN National School Climate Survey) of students who identify as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) avoid attending Physical Education due to the environment being unsafe and or uncomfortable. As an educator, creating an environment that actively encourages and promotes inclusion of all students, no matter identity, enables all students to participate, feel included, and achieve.

Even though society is moving forward on acceptance, the perception that LGBT athletes are not welcome of capable of achievement through sport is still a message that must continue to be highlighted. As an educator, it is you who sets the environment on the playing field, and in the class room. Eliminating negative perceptions, attitudes, and language will allow all students to reach their full potential, free of being left on the sidelines.

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This is a one credit course.

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