Civil Discourse in the Classroom: Promoting Social Justice Through Middle and High School Texts

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Civil Discourse in the Classroom: Promoting Social Justice Through Middle and High School Texts

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Course Description: With a renewed push to increase academic performance in the classroom, genuine conversations regarding social justice issues often get pushed to the side for assessments and data collection. While many district mission statements elude to the idea that the purpose of education is to develop a socially-aware citizenry, the space for that learning and development to occur is minimal, at best. For these conversations to occur, teachers need to actively select texts that engage students in critical thinking while also utilizing strategies to create civil discourse surrounding topics which are often controversial. The purpose of this course is to challenge teachers to intertwine purposeful texts and conversations around social justice into their existing curriculum and learning goals. In this class, participants will reflect on the challenges of engaging students in authentic conversations regarding social justice and, at the time same, learn about the necessity of integrating critical consciousness in their curriculum. Participants will learn about privilege, civil discourse, and strategies for fostering conversations the classroom. Participants will share current texts and research others that could be utilized to integrate conversations regarding social justice. At the end of the course, participants will develop an implementation plan for how they will take their learning back to their classrooms.

This is a one credit course.

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