A House is Not a Home: Students From Non-Traditional Families

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A House is Not a Home: Students From Non-Traditional Families

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Course Description: The concept of family has changed dramatically over the last few decades. The “traditional” model—that being one which includes a father, mother, and children—is slowly decreasing in numbers to a growing number of single-parent families, cohabiting parents, families of divorced parents, and same-sex families. While it is generally presumed that families live in single-family homes, there are number of families experiencing homelessness and undocumented status in the county. As educators are responsible for the wellbeing of all students in their classrooms, schools need to ensure that they are providing the necessary supports for students who do not fall under the definition of a “traditional family.”

This purpose of this course is to address the social, emotional, and academic barriers affecting students from nontraditional families. Participants will first analyze the privileges associated with growing up in a traditional family and understand the growing demographics of nontraditional families. Participants will then explore resources describing the experiences of students in nontraditional family situations, including adoption, foster care, divorce, homelessness, living with relatives, undocumented parents, and same-sex parents. At the conclusion of the course, participants will develop an action plan to be implemented in their classroom and school to advocate for students from nontraditional families.

This is a one credit course.

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